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Raw Ripple Deep Wave Weft

Raw Ripple Deep Wave Weft

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Our Raw Ripple Deep Wave is the 'waviest' texture we have. Enjoy the "get up and go" lifestyle with these perfect wefts! 

Hair color: Very easy to color to any level

Maintenance: medium

Heat styling: Can be curled or straightened as desired. Please note that repeatedly straightening this hair may eventually cause damage to the texture and over time the waves may loosen. Straighten with caution.

Care: Shampoo and condition as needed; you may use a light foam wrap or mousse to set waves when wet.

Our wefts are ethically sourced and made with top quality raw hair from one donor. The textures are steam processed and made to hold for long-time wear. With proper care, these bundles last up to 2+ years and may be worn numerous times. Our Raw hair has a medium luster, supreme color ability, and ease of styling. 

Shipping: 7-10 business days

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