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I was in the womb when it was decided that hair was my destiny. My mom was pregnant with me while in cosmetology school and I was born into an industry that welcomed me with open arms. Over my life I have ventured into many hobbies all having a creative flare including Jewelry making, canvas painting, sewing bonnets--- really anything that lit my fire. Ultimately, the one  thing that I couldn’t shake was hairstyling. It followed me through high school, then college--- and when it was clear enough what God’s plan was for my life, I followed it. Artisan Hair Company was bred from a burning desire to be a creative pioneer in the industry---more than just a hairstylist--- an artisan with a purpose. They say the south is the last to experience everything, but I have spent the last 10 years proving that to be untrue. My goal was to be a pioneer in the virgin hair space by focusing on building my brand locally in Central Mississippi. In 2013, Artisan Hair Company was born.



Artisan Hair Company is a hair extensions brand that was started by Lele the Artisan in 2013 just as the height of virgin hair distribution began. As a hairstylist, she saw the need to provide high quality extensions to her clients. That idea led to launching an online store that now reaches a global audience. With 10 years in the industry, we continue to work with only the best vendors---some of whom we began this journey with. Today, our flagship store/salon in Clinton, MS continues to provide quality products and ship all over the world.


Our mission is to provide you with high quality, low maintenance hair that exceeds the demands of your high maintenance lifestyle. A busy life doesn’t have to hinder you from looking your best. With our hair, experience always feeling “ready” without the hassle.

What can you expect from our hair?

Expect to receive responsibly sourced hair extensions that lasts for years with proper care. As our own hair requires cleansing, moisture, and modest heat styling--- so will your extensions. There are absolutely no synthetic fibers or fillers in our hair. Color and style the hair however you like.


It is our goal to find creative ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We continue our transition to implementing "sustainable luxury" packaging that will decrease the amount of waste and plastics that harm our planet.